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Develop strategies for cultural development of cities

Development of action plans for the restoration of cultural landscapes

Development of cultural routes

Development of operational plans for sustainable development

Event production

Development of methodological manuals, education and teaching

Preservation, revitalization and promotion of cultural and natural heritage

Consulting in the field of management of cultural institutions, development of user programs


The services I offer have emerged from the personal and professional needs we all face today, based on the need to diversify jobs, inclusive and smart growth, and sustainable local and regional development. 

I gained experience working on numerous projects, conducting research and presenting analyzed data, through working with numerous participants in lectures and trainings. 


In collaboration with clients, we do what we love, which is to create realistic solutions and create integrated products through a holistic approach. For this reason, I thank you for your cooperation. 



The owner of the craft, Jesenka Ricl, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb with a master's degree in art and the Faculty of Economics in Osijek with a degree in economics. For many years she worked as an independent professional, and in 2012 she founded the Croatian Society of Cultural Tourism, based in Osijek.

Since then, her field of activity is culture and creative industry, development of cultural tourism products and cooperation with partners in drafting strategic documents related to local and regional development with special emphasis on sustainable community development through an integrated and holistic approach in the process.

At the beginning of 2018, it offers services through RICL Crafts for consulting and business management.


Craft for consulting and services Ricl

Kralja P. Svačića 62, 31000 Osijek, Croatia,  EU

mob. +385 99 654 5333

e-mail. info @

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