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The services we offer have arisen from personal and professional needs that u today time we all meet, and based on_cc781905-5bd_b1_1385-bc_b1_55b5-53b5-bc_b1 -136bad5cf58d_diversity diversification, including i smart growth and sustainable local_cc781905-5cde-3194c bb5b1b5b1 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 


Considering the development of our professional career so far, our current and future interests are: ​


  • preservation of cultural and natural heritage and cultural identity,

  • revitalization,  popularization and economic evaluation of heritage,

  • ensuring the conditions for sustainable local and regional development 

  • encouraging cultural, artistic and related activities - cultural tourism, protection of cultural heritage, infrastructural and digital interpretation and restoration, and creative industries,

  • strengthening the capacity of cultural institutions and civil society organizations, but also other sectors for project preparation and development of intersectoral cooperation.

The following results in i services:

Development of strategies cultural development of cities

Development of action plans for the restoration of cultural landscapes

Development of cultural, and other, routes

Development of operational plans sustainable development

Production of cultural and tourist events

Education and teaching in culture and art

Preservation, revitalization and promotion of cultural and natural heritage

Consulting in the field of management of cultural and museum institutions, development educational programs and tourist offers

Cultural event production services

Holding public lectures and seminars

Development of business plans for the realization of new cultural and tourist products

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